Boxer Rebellion

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Not many schools teach about this subject, they might mention it in some kind of timeline but I had to make a presentation for college in order to get a good grade and I made it about the Boxer Rebellion. Teacher was pleased and I got an A+. It was a long yet interesting presentation but I'm gonna narrow it down. Enjoy!

Right after the Opium Wars, check out 5 Most Pointless Wars for more info about them, China had been humiliated by the Treaty of Tianjing and by the loss of the Second Opium War. Christianity and foreign powers had taken control of China so a new movement called "Righteous Harmony Society", or Boxers, rose against foreigners in order to take their land back and expel them. It was a nationalist movement in which every class participated, even the Chinese government, to eradicate foreigners.

In order to protect their interests, foreign powers called for help to their countries so foreigners formed an alliance called The Eight-Nation Alliance, consisting on countries such as Japan, Russia, U.S.A., U.K., France, Italy, Germany and Austria. The Boxers declared war on them and the Legation Quarter, where the foreigners were taking shelter, was under siege for 55 days by the Boxers and the Imperial Army. Then the Eight-Nation Alliance arrived at China and defeated the Imperial Army and the Boxers. The Boxer Protocol was signed in 1901, claiming indemnity for the damages over a course of 39 years, which consisted of 450 million taels of silver plus interests, they also had to let the foreign powers establish their armies in Beijing and give some territories to the Powers.


Corridor said...

Wow. Mindblown. I would like to hear more :3

GM-Bloggers said...

I was never taught this in school but I did read a bit on the subject in my own time and I have to say I enjoyed learning about it.

AP0976 said...

I remember briefly hearing about this in high school, and was always curious about it. Thanks for more info!

Mike said...

This is incredible, I never knew anything about it. Good read!

Topo said...

if you're interest on this rebellion you should watch 55 days at peking, it's a movie that is told thorugh the eyes of an american marine

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